About Us

We Fund Small To Medium Lenders When No One Else Will

Go Fish Capital is a unique direct funding provider for new & small lenders. Unlike typical lender finance institutions that base their credit decision on current or historical revenue, we help new & small lenders achieve their dreams by providing the capital they need to get established & scale-up based only on their hard work in getting their borrower repayment agreements signed (online, on our platform). In doing so, we help new lenders scale up from inception, and we help small lenders scale up 100x faster than they would if they worked with any other lender. We finance lenders that offer commercial loans or consumer loans. 

Go Fish Capital's management team has decades of lending and finance experience, and we take pride in being part of our client's success stories. What separates us from other providers is that we strive to help any lender that is willing to work hard...because we do the rest. No hard credit check, just a soft pull that does not effect the lender's or the end-borrower's credit score.

As a direct funding provider, we use our own capital to fund our clients. We don't use underwriters; we make fast approvals based on your ongoing profile and your borrower's application using our AI to crunch the numbers and risks. We can provide as little as $10,000 to as much as $100,000 per end-borrower loan within 24 hours. We also do not limit clients to one line of financing at a time, we will provide capital daily, in waves. 

And being lenders ourselves, we understand the challenges and difficulties of getting started and scaling up. This is why we don't just provide capital and leave our clients to fend for themselves. We offer technology & online tools, such as the defacto useage of our AI decision making tools. 

We don't have to just "give you" the fish; we provide the fishing pole and the bait to fish. 

Our clients are our long-term partners, building a successful lending business with us, together.