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   - Bringing Growth Capital To eCommerce Sites

About Us


Once the eCommerce site provides proof that they will provide an ROI to Go Fish, it makes it an easy decision for Go Fish to "continually" provide capital to the eCommerce site, and thus the mutual benefit is born.

Twelve years running now, this type of funding provides a potential ROI that is typically 1.5x yearly, which means we don't make our money back in the first year; we typically start making an ROI in the 3nd year forward.





Why Our Way Is Better vs. Getting Loans

  • Loans require you to start paying it back right away (before you have received an ROI from the capital)
    • Technically you don't pay our capital back, your revenue is shared only when a sale is made
  • Loans raise your debit to credit ratio and reduces your available credit
    • We do not report to credit bureaus, so our way does not lower your available credit
  • You can typically only have one loan at a time
    • Once we see the capital come back to us, we provide capital in investment waves
    • You can take in 10x or more than a typical loan
  • Venture Capitalists use this formula to evaluate the value of an eCommerce site: [CAC] / [LTV] = ROI
    • So your CAC = 0...therefore 0 / LTV = Infinite
    • Plainly speaking, we finance your Customer Acquisition Cost and allow you to share revenue when you reach ROI
    • So we finance CAC and "bridge" CAC to ROI. That makes your company very attractive to VCs or potential buyers