The Need For Capital

Why New & Small Lenders Need Capital ASAP


Access to Capital: A New Way For New & Small Lenders To Overcome The Challenges

The Commercial Lending Market is an $8.8 Trillion market. Unfortunately, new & small lenders "struggle" teribly and face significant barriers in securing appropriate funding for their operations. Some of this is down to fears traditional lending institutions have about new and small businesses.

Lenders typically base their funding decisions on current & historical revenue, which is sometimes an area that new & small lenders don’t make a good showing. Most lenders and banks fail to take into account the huge potentials that can be gleaned from partnering with new & small lenders. This is where the Go Fish Capital approach is different. We offer a fast-track option, which fast-tracks lender's growth.

What Go Fish Capital Does Differently

Unlike banks and traditional lending institutions who demand upfront proof of 5 or 6-figure monthly revenue, Go Fish only requires that:

  • The owner of the new or small lender business to be a US citizen
  • Have a 675+ credit score
  • Have default insurance
  • Be licensed (if your lending business is located in a state that requires it - which is only Arizona, California, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Vermont).

We also offer lower interest rates for long-term clients. 

Go Fish Capital endeavors to assist any new or small lender that has potential, so we do not use the services of underwriters in assessing funding applicants. Rather, we make decions based on the pre-mentioned criteria. No hard-pull credit checks are conducted, just soft-pull, which does not effect the lender's or the end-borrower's credit score. This way, Go Fish is able to fund clients faster than typical lenders - who typically have a waiting time of several days or even weeks. In most cases, we provide funding directly to end-borrowers within 24 hours.