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The Need For Capital

Why eCommerce sites need capital ASAP


Access to Capital: A New Way for eCommerce Sites to Overcome the Challenges

Business is booming for eCommerce sites, so even traditional brick-and-mortar sellers are turning to eCommerce according to research conducted by Software Advice. eCommerce businesses need money to increase online ad spending and buy more inventory. Unfortunately, they face significant barriers in securing appropriate funding for their operations. Some of this is down to fears traditional lending institutions have about eCommerce businesses.

Traditional lenders typically base their funding decisions on revenue and credit score, which are areas eCommerce businesses don’t make a good showing. Most lenders and banks fail to take into account the huge potentials that can be gleaned from the online sales volume, digital footprint and online ad performance of these eCommerce businesses. 

This is where the Go Fish Capital approach is different. They are a new type of financier that offers advertising capital to eCommerce sites, fast-tracking their growth with relaxed payback terms.

What Go Fish Capital Does Differently

Unlike banks and traditional lending institutions who demand an upfront proof of 5- or 6-figure monthly revenue, Go Fish only requires proof of $1,000 monthly revenue generated from the business and ownership of a WordPress WooCommerce site located in the United States.

Go Fish Capital endeavors to assist any small eCommerce site that has potential, so they do not use the services of underwriters in assessing loan applicants. Rather, they make their offers directly, based on the information provided by applicants and the performance of their website. No credit checks are conducted. This way, Go Fish is able to make offers faster than traditional lenders who have a waiting time of several days or even weeks. In most cases, they provide funding to successful applicants within 24 hours.

What’s more, Go Fish Capital has relaxed payback terms. The clients only start paying back the loan from sales commissions after reaching their desired return on investment. Even then, the required monthly payments are minimal so that clients can realize their business growth potential quicker. Go Fish also offers their clients the option to choose between 10%-20% payback percentage rate from their sales commission.

Get in Touch With Go Fish

If you have an eCommerce site, Go Fish Capital can provide you with unique direct funding for your online business. They use their own capital to fund your advertisement expenses with relaxed payback terms. There is also the possibility of securing multiple lines of financing at the same time once they see your site is generating a good return on investment for them. This way, you can obtain more than 10 times the funding you will typically receive from traditional lending institutions.

Call them today at 1 (800) 820 8210 or use the contact form on the website.