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About Us

Compared To Loans, We Offer eCommerce Sites A Faster Track (of Scaling Up) & Relaxed Payback.

Go Fish Capital is a unique direct funding provider for e-commerce businesses. Unlike traditional loan institutions, we help small businesses achieve their dreams by providing the capital they need to grow with relaxed payback terms. Instead of demanding owners to make payments immediately, our clients begin paying our capital back via sales commission after reaching their desired ROI. In any case, we will hold "the costs" of capital for up to 3 years until a successful sale. Only small minimum monthly payments are required. 

Founded in 2010, Go Fish Capital has been the last funding source for 2,589 clients, and we take pride in being part of their success stories. What separates us from other providers is that we strive to help any small business with potential. Unlike our competitors who demand an upfront proof of $10K to $100k monthly revenue just to be considered as a possible fund recipient, where we only ask for two things from our applicants: you own a WordPress Woo-Commerce business in the United States, and you have a business income proof of $1,000 monthly revenue. No credit check. No equity contract. 

As a direct funding provider, we use our own capital to fund our clients' advertisement expenses. We don't use underwriters; we make faster offers based on your application information and site performance. You do not need to wait for days or weeks to see funds added to your bank account, as we can provide as much as $1 million in funding within 24 hours. We also do not limit you to one line of financing at a time. We will provide further capital funding in investment waves once we see your site producing an ROI for us. We are more of an investor than a lender, so based on our experience with our past and current clients, we usually see our clients receive ten times or more funding than a typical loan from other financial institutions. 

We want our clients to succeed and recognize that risks are necessary for business growth. We fully understand that we most likely will not see our profit in the first year of our partnership together. Instead of limiting the business growth ability, we are committed to creating a long-term partnership with all our clients. That is why we offer our clients the flexibility to choose between 10% to 20% as their sales commission payback percentage rate. For clients who take the plunge for a higher percentage rate, we honor their commitments by providing more capital funding. 

And being business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges and difficulties of covering all aspects of successful business management. This is why we don't just give money and leave our clients to fend for themselves. We offer mentorship and guidance even after our investment because we want to see them succeed in their marketing strategies and overall business performance. 

We don't just give you the fish; we teach you how to fish. 

We see our clients as partners in building a successful income stream together. The stronger partnership we create, the more incentive we provide for our clients by reducing the commission rate and more frequent funding.