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Get ready to cast your financial net wider with Go Fish Capital, your compass to uncharted prosperity in the vast sea of lender financing. Commandeered by our seasoned Captain, Joseph Baliva, Founder, CEO & CTO, with Yoshi Oba, Investor & COO, as the trusted navigator, we are steering a unique course with our "Chain Lender Financing" model. This transformative approach empowers not just aspiring and emerging lenders, but also ambitious Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) like retailers, dentists, and auto-dealers to dive into the lucrative sea of lending.

At Go Fish Capital, we ensure your vessel is well-equipped for a successful journey. Our tackle box of services includes an end-borrower application web portal, loan origination software, an AI-powered decision engine, underwriting services, ongoing wholesale lending capital, loan management software, and even loan servicing. Our aim is to "totally automate" your lending program, ensuring you're always ready to reel in success.

Our streamlined system requires only two actions from our lenders, akin to baiting the hook and casting the line. First, guide your borrowers towards the customized application portal we provide, seamlessly integrated on our website or yours. Next, sign each lender financier loan agreement tied to each end-borrower loan - a task that can be optionally automated.

Set your own course by choosing a markup of 10% to 15% on our wholesale capital, which yields a handsome 50% to 75% profit per 5-year loan. This bountiful profit margin is a catch that SMEs would typically lose to buy-now-pay-later companies. At Go Fish Capital, we ensure that you net the full profit, maximizing the potential of your business.

Through our Chain Lender Financing model, we construct a reliable sequence of debt financing that incorporates the lender financier (Go Fish Capital), the lender, and the end-borrower. Unlike traditional currents where the lender's financial stability is paramount, we set our compass towards the credit quality of the end-borrower. With this approach, we direct the funds straight to the end-borrower, taking on the responsibility of collecting loan repayments, retaining what's owed to us, and passing on the remaining profit to the lender.

Our state-of-the-art AI technology expedites the assessment of your profile and your borrower's application, swiftly evaluating risks and making underwriting decisions instantly. With Go Fish Capital, you can secure anywhere from $500 to $100,000 per end-borrower loan. Our flexibility enables you to access a fresh current of capital at all times, giving you an ocean of unlimited possibilities instead of a limited line of credit.

At Go Fish Capital, we see our clients as our crew, journeying together towards a shared horizon of success. We offer a comprehensive range of services and tools, preparing you to meet the challenges and opportunities of your lending journey head-on. With Go Fish Capital, you're not just a client - you're part of a shared vision for success. Welcome aboard!